Aggregate Marketing Model

amA large section of rural population and small holders of koraput are dependent upon agriculture and forest produce for their livelihoods. For them to make the journey out of poverty, it is important for them to market their produce at market prices in order to maximize the returns on the little they can produce. But far from maximizing their returns, the socio-economic context of marginal producers places them in an exploitative traditional system which siphons off value from their outputs. From the point of harvest, produce typically goes through a series of steps each of which require increasing levels of capital and knowledge.

Aggregate marketing model popularly known as Collective Marketing has armed Community Based Organizations (CBOs) primarily Producer Group and CIGs with the knowledge, confidence and processes to operate as a non-exploitative channel for the marketing of products. These CBOs have captured value by conducting a range of local-level activities including drying, sorting, grading, weighing and packaging for fetching better price.

The Collective Marketing Initiative

The Collective Marketing model is practiced in “strengthening forest and forest based livelihood promotion” under USAID funded project in Koraput district. 60nos of producer groups had participated in collecting marketing model in 60 villages across five blocks. Communities have used the Collective Marketing methodology to drive efficiency in the supply chains of more than 13 commodities of both the agricultural and non-timber forest produce (NTFP) variety. The total value of products marketed through Collective Marketing channels is in excess of INR of .16, 79,091. A conservative estimate of turn over with 10-15% margins in this operation.


Status till 2015 August

No of Block covered 05
No of Villages 60
No of Producer Group 60
No of Product 13
Turn Over(INR) 16, 79,091
Products line


NTFP Tamarind, Hill Broom, Graft mango, Mango Jelly, Amla , Jackfruit
Agriculture Onion, Pumpkin, Water millon , Cucumber, Brinjal , Tamatoo , Turmeric

Aggregate marketing is therefore tested and proven as pro poor marketing model which can be used in a variety of contexts to enrich marginal producers through participation in marketing channels.

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