CYSD has four distinct training centers; established in 4 districts of Odisha.  The training centers offer facilities to the like minded organization to organize conferences, meetings, trainings and workshop in a nominal price.

Development Resource & Training Center (DRTC)

DRTC centrally located at Bhubaneswar, a lush of green campus designed to create professional environment to hold meetings, conferences, workshops and training programmes.

DRTC offers a wide spectrum of professional development skill trainings, consultancy support for educators, human resource personnel, community development activists, rural development functionaries, social mobilisers and development managers. In relation to pedagogy, CYSD adopts various blended pedagogies with field immersion, practitioner oriented approach, simulation and case work, creating unique practitioner based and community relevant content.  The DRTC is strongly equipped with a pool of very competent multi-disciplinary professional trainers with wide ranging national and international exposure and learning to impart and share.


Development Resource Training centre (DRTC) has 5 AC Conference halls of varying sizes, equipped with all the necessary computer and audio-visual systems. It also houses an auditorium with a seating capacity of 150 people.

The DRTC hostel offers excellent value accommodation with comfortable and convenient facilities for up to 58 guests in a variety of dormitory-style rooms, plus 2 air-conditioned guest rooms with attached bathroom. A modestly priced cafeteria offering a choice of Indian, Odia and Chinese cuisine, caters to hostel residents and non-resident guests attending conferences, seminars and training programmes. The conference halls are hired by the development organisations to conduct training programmes. The centre has all ambiances under one roof.

DRTC Brochure & Application