Child Protection has been an overarching component in CYSD’s strategic programme direction in line with the SDGs. Currently; CYSD in partnership with ChildFund has designed its programmatic interventions with an integrated approach focusing on child protection, education, health and livelihoods. Further, child being the centre, complete life-cycle approach is followed until completion of 24 years of age. The interventions are in operation benefiting 2089 enrolled 1287 non–enrolled children and their families in 165 targeted villages of 18 Gram Panchayats (GPs), in 5 blocks of Malkangiri and Rayagada, coming under the aspirational districts, in Odisha. While designing and rolling out the interventions for the holistic development of children and youth in Malkangiri and Rayagada, the implementing agency felt an urgent need to undertake a comprehensive baseline study.

The Assignment

A detailed proposal including the objectives, methodology, sample, work plan and budget is invited from consulting firms or individual consultants for conducting a comprehensive baseline study on implementation of Child Development Project in Malkangiri and Rayagada Districts of Odisha.

The proposed baseline will provide an in-depth understanding of the eco-system of community development in general and children in particular. The findings of the comprehensive baseline will also guide the future programmatic interventions and help in developing scalable evidence on holistic development of children through a complete life-cycle approach.


The broad objectives of the proposed baseline study would be to assess:

  • The existing child protection issues and the effectiveness of the mechanism adopted for protection of children;
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) behaviour of Adolescents and Youth in the age group of 11 to 24 years;
  • The educational status of children in the age group of 6-14 years; and
  • Capabilities and competencies of vulnerable families (Youth/Parents) towards household food security and quality of life.

 Scope of the Study 

  • Child protection issues at the level of family, community, school and the society
  • Community based child protection system and its linkage with the mainstream institutions
  • Knowledge and understanding of the adolescents and youth on SRH and nutrition
  • Demonstration of rights and entitlements relating to SRH by the adolescents and youth
  • Implementation of health services, and the issues and challenges there-in
  • RTE compliances and educational outcomes at the elementary level
  • Learning achievement of  students
  • Community participation in school education
  • Mapping out skills and competencies of youth
  • Participation of youth in the development process
  • Employment, migration and house hold level income
  • Opportunities for convergence and collaboration to take the development agenda forward
  • Documentation of good practices/stories of change


Keeping into the objectives of the study, both quantitative and qualitative techniques will be used for the proposed comprehensive baseline survey.  Data will be collected from primary and secondary sources. Primary information will be collected through Scheduled questioner, key informant interviews and Focus group discussion; and secondary data will be collected from secondary sources.

 The Universe and the Sample

The project is in operation in 165 targeted villages of 18 GPs, in 5 blocks of Malkangiri and Rayagada benefiting 2089 enrolled 1287 non–enrolled children and their families.

Based on the programme out reach, sample units will be selected both from the intervention (HH having sponsored child) and control (HH not having sponsored child) groups using appropriate research methodology for a comparative analysis of the impact, if any. Further,  Panchayat Raj Institution, School, Youth/Children clubs, community members,  relevant  committees including  SMC, PLCPC, BLCPC, DCPU, JJB, CWC, Child Line etc., and officials concerned will be taken into consideration as appropriate. The detailed sample design to be proposed for conducting the baseline effectively.

Key Deliverables

  • Final Tools and techniques
  • Report of the Baseline Study
  • Consolidated Baseline database/Information in soft form


The assignment is expected to be completed within two months from the date of commissioning of the assignment, which will include desk review, field work, and report writing. It is expected that this work will begin on 1st October, 2018 and the field study should be completed in all respect by the end of October, 2018.  The detailed work plan to be worked out for conducting the study effectively.


The consultant is expected to work out and submit the detailed budget (all inclusive) for conducting the proposed baseline study.

Qualification and Experience of the Consultant/team 

The Consultant should have:

  • Advanced degree in social sciences, development studies, education or relevant fields.
  • Significant experience in evaluating education related projects. Knowledge of child rights and experience in evaluating programmes with children and vulnerable groups.
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills in both Odisha and English
  • The agency/consultant should preferably be based in Odisha

Ethics and Child Protection Statements

The agency/consultant must agree to abide by the child protection policy of CYSD and Childfund and related requirements.

Terms of Compensation 

The payment will be as discussed and agreed to in terms of rates and schedules between the AMIED and the selected agency/consultant.  Payment will be based on available budget from the donors.

To Apply: 

Please submit a proposal that indicates the following:

  • Proposed team members and relevant experience in mixed methods data collection, analysis, reporting (include CVs)
  • Technical proposal should comprise of technical profile of agency demonstrated by evidences as also clarity of plans for deliverables with time schedule for each deliverable
  • Proposed Budget for the Assignment

Application Date: Please send your application latest by 27th September 2018.

Key Contact: 

Shri Prafulla Kumar Maharana

Senior Programme Manager

CYSD-ChildFund India

Mathili, Malkangiri -764044