About CYSD

CYSD (Centre for Youth and Social Development) is a non-government and non-profit organization established in 1982, working to improve the quality of lives of tribal, rural and urban poor in Odisha, with a primary focus to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, ensuring social inclusion and justice, good governance and citizen’s right. Helping communities identify and initiate development measures; providing training and other capacity-building support to pro-poor organizations and individuals; and carrying out research and advocacy in favour of the under privileged people especially the tribal.

Our Vision

An equitable society where women and men can freely realize their full potential, fulfill their rights and responsibilities and lead their life with dignity and self respect.

Our Mission

To enable marginalized women, men and children to improve their quality of life. To this end, CYSD uses issue based research to influence policies from a pro-poor and rights based perspective. It also works to ensure transparent, gender sensitive, accountable and democratic governance by building the capacities of people and organizations in participatory planning. Our Core values Transparency & Accountability Integrity Gender Equity Social Justice Participatory Action Peace & Harmony

Our Core values

  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Gender Equity
  • Social Justice
  • Participatory Action
  • Peace & Harmony

CYSD carves out four coherent and reinforcing strategic actions like, building sustainable rural livelihoods; fostering inclusive and participatory governance; advocating for responsive state; and reducing disaster vulnerability and addressing climate change concerns for the State’s development.

CYSD has demonstrated strong leadership and expertise in addressing poverty and vulnerability issues in the State through facilitating interface platforms between people and policy makers; shaping policy discourse on various governance, livelihoods, and last mile outreach issues through innovative policy and budget research and through active participation in the state and national forums.

 CYSD endeavors to bring about the perceptive of accountability and transparency in State’s governance mechanism engaging the community and the government functionaries together.  The organisation has strong resource competence and credibility in areas of facilitating micro-plans and community capacity building. It is also equipped to effectively use the accountability tools like Social Audit, Community Score Card, Citizens’ Report Card, Public Hearing, Budget Tracking and use of Right to Information. 

The pilots of CYSD like, Women Self-Help Group promotion work in 1980’s; watershed development in 1990’s; agro-forestry and collective farming in 2000’s have become mainstream activities by several CSOs and the Government.